Quality Policy

The operations of U S Metalcraft Incorporated are guided by documented objectives. Our policy is to provide Customers with products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value, thereby gaining and holding their respect and loyalty. The essence of Customer satisfaction is our commitment to quality, a commitment that extends to every phase of our operation. Products must be manufactured and designed to provide superior performance and long, trouble-free service.  

We must work closely with Suppliers to ensure that we receive the highest quality materials and services on time to meet our production schedules. Once in production, our products must be manufactured with superior workmanship at a competitive cost. Careful attention to quality enables us to meet or exceed Customer expectations. Doing a job properly the first time and doing it consistently allows us to employ fewer assets, reduce costs and contribute significantly to higher productivity. We believe that improvements in what we produce and the services we offer can be achieved by practicing Total Quality Management (TQM), a practice based on the fact that all business activities are processes rather than discrete events. Scientific methods of data collection and analysis are used where applicable to continually monitor and optimize the production process.  

At US Metalcraft Incorporated we place the responsibility for process improvement directly on the employee responsible for each process to encourage employees to practice Continuous Improvement. TQM is a long-term philosophy and methodology that will enable us to succeed in achieving continuous quality improvement and to fulfill the needs of our Customers as well as satisfying employee needs to operate in a challenging environment that requires their best efforts and skills. This policy is implemented, maintained at all levels of the organization and is accessible to all employees.